Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere


Ridin’ the Range

So I have spent the last two days on a horse…. it’s been fairly awesome fantastic ( I am trying to be more positive in my life).  So on that more positive note I won’t even mention the fact that I have been riding my brother-in-law’s annoying horse because mine is in the shop.  Or that my father-in-law and his “constructive criticism” and his “vast knowledge base” has taken me to the point of no return and back!

BUT I will tell you all about the beautiful meadowlarks that I get to listen to.  I do not think there are enough words to describe the beauty of the song of the meadowlark.  Or the smell of the flowers as they are in full bloom: sweet clover, canola, alfalfa, sage…  Do yourself a favor… close your eyes… take a deep, deep breath… what did you smell?  I hope you were lucky enough to be able to experience a pasture (native preferably) on your inhale because believe me… it’s fantastic.

Days like yesterday and today are days that help me remember why I married a rancher in the first place.  Why I wanted so desperately to raise my children out in nature surrounded by animals and good husbandry of both the land and the livestock.  TOday Paul’s grandparents were visiting and we were having a break from the 32degree weather under a shade tree.  His dad says to me “wouldn’t it have been easier to have married a lawyer?” And then his grandma says “yes, you could have married a teacher and he would have 144 days off a year” and I looked at her and smiled and said “yeah, but if I had married a teacher I wouldn’t have gotten to marry Paul.”

I can’t wait until tomorrow… I love this job!




 I am quite certain I made this EXACT face today (except that mine was a girl’s version and my nostrils aren’t quite so wide… I don’t think… perhaps next time I should look in the mirror while I make this face)…  You can’t honestly sit there and try to pretend that you haven’t made this face at least ONCE in your life.  Seriously… quit lying to yourself… you have.  It was probably at your husband.  Well, in my case it was at mine.. or rather… about him, as he was not here when I made the face.  Hence why I made the face in the first place.

I sit here as a mother to a boy… a boy who I VOW not to let turn into his father… dirty clothes on the bedroom floor.. beer cans on the coffee table… grumbling about helping with household chores…. I, like ALL those mothers before me, vow to not let this happen.  I WILL teach my son to clean up after himself.  To help with laundry and child rearing… to encourage his future wife to have guiltless free-time and to never, ever, ever say things like “it’s good, but my mother’s is better”.  I VOW to ensure he does all the little things to make his wife feel special and pretty and more important than “Greatest Tank Battles” on TV.

I sit here as a wife wondering where that man escapes to?  Where does the little boy whose mother worked so hard to train to say excuse me after he belches and to not lick his plate clean go to learn all those habits back?? What place on this earth completely erases all the hard work a mother puts into her son and turns him into a man? A disgusting, beer drinking (do not for one second think I do not like beer… because I LOVE beer… in fact, I even like to belch while drinking beer (in private of course) but I do not like the leaving around of the empty beer containers), dirty clothes abandoning, muddy boots on in the kitchen, man.  And when is it okay for me to start counting to three and threatening my husband that I will throw his dirty clothes and boots outside in a mud puddle if he doesn’t clean up after himself?

Because I would much rather make this face all day long than the above one.








gone fishing

this is what i have been busy doing!

Sorry I will be back!

Catch You Up!!

So life has been hectic lately….

Sunday was my anniversary!! My very first one!!! Hooray! We survived a farming/ranching year from hell.  And despite all the struggles and moments where I was planning on smothering him in his sleep (right after I found a way to do it to his father) we are still deeply in love!  Mind you, I can only speak for myself here…. perhaps Paul is still plotting my eventual demise.

Monday was my birthday.. HOORAY me for turning twenty-five… Trust me.. I can hardly believe it as well… what’s my secret to looking so good and being so old you wonder??? I will never tell ;).

My grandma is doing good… she is walking (some)  and talking and getting better every day.  Which is definitely nice… because she is much too strong of a woman to have to lay around and be taken care of.

I have been SUPER busy taking pictures!!  Imagine that… all I had to do to become a photographer was say I am one!  So I have a new photography blog!  ANd my website should be launched next week!!!  I will be back soon!

Life lesson: Life’s too short to fold fitted sheets… or piles of laundry your children are going to throw about the living room

Quote of the day: Levynn: (after being handed a semi-clean carrot from the garden) No no no way mama… that carrot’s too dirty for me!


Once upon a time on a ranch far far away from everywhere there lived a family.  This family had a dog.  She was a cute little dog.  A border collie crossed with a blue heeler to be exact and her name was Gertie (please don’t ask).  This dog was a quiet dog whom rarely barked during the day much less alone throughout the night for the brief moments she was let out to relieve herself.  But like most dogs, this dog did not always follow the same rules and so for a few nights in a row the dog barked like a mad man outside the windows.  She barked so loud she woke up the family’s two year old.  This greatly angered the mama of the house and so she vowed not to let the dog outside if she was going to bark and wake everyone up.  This new rule only made things worse because then instead of barking the dog would go to the mom and dad’s room and lay on the floor outside the door and whine and whine and whine.  Making the mama, whom already had to get up countless times with her baby, grouchy as a pms’ing crab.

One morning after a particularly barky night, the mama and the daddy were standing in the porch talking before the daddy left for work.  The mama saw a Coyote outside the door a mere 50 yards away.  It was running along the grassy tree row that surrounds the house.  “Look at that!! Maybe that’s why Gertie has been barking up a storm” she loudly proclaimed.  And then there was three coyotes merely fifty yards away.  They ran and rounded the corner of the trees to the north side of the house and then continued to come through the first row of trees, caraganas (although most of you probably already guessed that), stopping at the second row.  There were two of them, one of the was herding something towards the other which was just laying in wait.  Suddenly the mama cat jumped up and attacked the face of the one coyote and then quickly scrambled up the tree.  The mama gasped in shock and awe that she just witnessed two coyotes pack hunt a cat right in front of her house (a mere thirty yards away now) in broad daylight. “Honey! Did you see that?! You have to do something! THe coyote is still at the bottom of the tree just waiting for the cat to come down!”  So out the door went the daddy with the dog in tow to attempt to chase away the rascally varmits.  HE walked over to where the cat was and got within ten yards before the coyote turned and bolted.  He was clearly not afraid.

That night when the couple came home there were coyotes howling on three sides of their yards just as loud as all get out.  It was extremely spooky!

Life Lesson: Coyotes can pack hunt! So watch out for your small children.

Quote of the day: “Honey, please bring the gun to the house.  I may need to shoot one of those things”

Grandma’s Love

I had a tough day today….

It started out good… and relaxing and nice… I took the kids to the city to get groceries and some supplies for my photography business that is booming away…. Then we went to go to the park by my grandparents house.  I called them to see if they wanted to come along and play with us…

*ring ring*

Me: hello grandpa, we are going to come to the park near your house to play, would you like to come join us?

Gramps: Umm.. chuckle chuckle… well we won’t be here.  you see, i just called the ambulance for your grandma… the guys are here now.

Me: What happened?

Gramps: Well I think your grandmother has had a stroke..

WHAT!?!?!?! This poor woman… she has already had a couple of heart attacks this year… So we raced to the hospital and spent forever waiting around to find things out…

She’s okay… she couldn’t move her whole left side initially but she could speak and when we left her she was sort of moving her arm and leg… so that’s a good sign.

I’m emotionally wiped out… my grandma is an amazing, strong, beautiful lady… seeing her like I did today broke my heart… into teeny tiny little pieces… I just want to curl up in a little ball and have a good cry… but that would be silly… and wouldn’t solve anything.. so I won’t…. I’ll just go to bed…

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the coyote story… it’s a crazy one… when I do tell it you will enjoy it…

Good night.

LIfe Lesson of the day: Don’t Forget to say I love you!

Quote of the day: “That’s you boob shirt mom. I have boobs. Little ones. I’m little. I’m not Levynn mom… I’m a gurl” – Levynn

(also by Levynn who is pointing a picture of an oval with the word oval written beside it) “Thas you, grampa, thas you, thas you, thas you, grampa oval” (this is cute because my grandpa’s name is Orville.. she connected the dots all on her own!!


I babysat my two nieces and one nephew yesterday… then they had a sleepover… It was alot of fun!!

This is a pic of three of them singing into the end of jumping ropes…. well, two are singing… Lev is just humming some weird gibberish.  I was almost crying I was smiling so hard… nothing like kids to cheer you up!

I tried to feed them a snack of apples, peanut butter and raisins (if you have never eaten this I highly suggest it be your next meal… SOOOOOOOO yummy… especially if the peanut butter is crunchy). The boy said he didn’t like it before he even tried it.  He even admitted that…. Same with supper.. wouldn’t eat it because he “didn’t like it…. poor kid…. do you think we are born with open-minds or do they grow?? Because his sister would try everything I gave her…  I am curious… if you are willing to try anything when you are a kid will you grow up to be that way??? Or is it something you can teach yourself along the way??  IF not… he is most definitely going to miss out on alot of awesome in his life.

LIfe lesson of the day: I could definitely handle five kids… (not babies… but kids)

Quote of the day: “Come on Levynn let’s go shoot some gophers..” Lev: “I want to shoot the cat” (Oh my… oh my… should I be worried???)

Stay tuned for stories from coyote hill…. coming soon…