Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere

Heart Breakin’ Steak

I love steak. I love hamburger. I love every form of beef that you could possibly think of. I was raised on beef. In fact, most people grow up eating chicken and pork and what not but if you are raised on a cattle ranch then all you ever do is eat beef. I love bacon too. It smells so good and tastes even better (not every day but on a semi regular basis, bacon is delicious!!!) So I was okay with not being able to drink booze while I was pregnant because I was going to get to do everything else I liked to do so it didn’t matter.
FIrst things first, my doctor warned me against eating rare meat. What??? No rare meat?? Why did life want to punish me to the extreme. He said, “Oh you can have it occasionally but try not to have it very often”. So that night I went home and cooked up my very last rare steak. Paul had just bought us a barbeque… nothing fancy… but it was a nice one that was big enough you could cook lots on it, but still portable so we could take it on our camping trips. I was SO excited. I had thawed out steaks the night before (in a moment of rare foresight) and we were going to have baked potatoes and salad and garlic bread. My mouth waters at the memory.
I sat outside on a lawn chair beside the barbeque and grilled away… reading some book in between the checking on the food. Normally I would have drank a beer to perfect the timing of flipping the steaks this time I would just have to wing it. Paul came home on time for once and the steaks were cooked to utter perfection. I couldn’t wait. As we sat at the table I told him how I wasn’t suppose to eat rare meat anymore because of the baby and so this would be my last good steak for the rest of the pregnancy. Paul felt very little sympathy for me but he at least pretended that he understood my pain (he liked his steaks even rarer than I did). As I cut into the thick and juicy part of my steak and the red juices pooled on my plate, soaking my potato, I put a bite into my mouth….. and almost puked. EW! What was that taste???? “Is your steak okay?” I asked Paul. His was excellent he said. I made him try mine, insisting that it tasted off. He looked at me like I was a crazy woman (and I don’t blame him after all, they were from the same package).
I thought maybe if I cooked my steak a little longer it would be better… maybe the taste of the blood was bothering my pregnant taste buds. I fired up the grill and threw it back on until the inside was cooked to a level that I would never have considered tasting good in my previous, glorious, non-pregnant life. Again I cut into it and took a bite… EW! I couldn’t eat this steak… there was nothing I could do to make it taste palatable. I tried to pawn it off on Paul but he didn’t want it on account of its overcookedness so I put it in the fridge to use in a stir-fry or something the next day. As close as I was to tears I couldn’t let Paul see how emotionally distraught I was over the fact that my steak tasted off. I feigned nausea and didn’t eat anything else (until later when he had gone back outside and I ate a snack of cereal and toast with peanut butter and honey).
I sat down to think about the horrible experience that had just happened…. I didn’t like steak?? How could that even be possible?? I decided it was all in my head and that I would try again another day. But every other day that I tried, it was worse and worse. And it wasn’t just steak… it was hamburger and ribs and bacon (the smell of bacon alone was enough to make me run for the toilet). Life was terrible… would I ever be able to eat red meat again??? Or was I doomed to a life of chicken and pork?? I couldn’t be doomed to a life of those meats…
I remember I made my sister promise that the first things she would bring me in the hospital would be a steak and a beer!! I didn’t care if she had to smuggle them into the delivery room… the first things that I wanted were steak and beer… screw flowers or clothes for this new bundle of joy… I needed some red meat!!!!!

P.S. FOr those of you who feel my pain and sympathize with my ‘vegetarian’ dilemma whilst I was pregnant… you will be glad to know that after I had the baby… it all cleared up… I could eat meat again… and I gladly do it everyday!


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