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UNiversity Degrees and Childcare

Please bear with me as I learn how to set up a blog properly… I want to set this up so one page you can read all about my previous pregnancy hilarity and this page I want to write about my life right now… HOWEVER…. I am a country bumpkin (although, please note… not really… as I am more technically advanced than half the country bumpkins I know…) and I do not know to accomplish this… so I will use categories.. and you will likely get confused and curse at me… but I won’t know. And someday I will figure it out but until then… bear with me.

I went to university. I went to university twice actually. I went into Education for a while because I thought I would like to be a high school English and History teacher (although you cannot tell by the poor usage of grammar I have on this page…)… and then I quit and went into Agriculture. I mostly chose the field of Agriculture because I had a summer job where the people I worked with had those degrees. They got to do fun things like bullshit with farmers and ranchers all day, drive around in a truck and walk outside, plan and attend breakfast meetings, golf days and customer appreciation events….. with farmers and ranchers (my favourite people)! However they got those jobs… I wanted in on that action. So I went to university and got a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree with a major in Agronomy and a minor in Agribusiness…. I am not telling you this to brag… I know a lot of people have bachelor degrees… and I know a lot of people have a whole heck of a lot more schooling than I do. The point that I am making is this. After I had my daughter I wanted to stay home and raise her until she went to school (because that’s just what farm/ranch women do)… and although this was a good plan at the time… this plan was devised for when I had actually planned to have a baby when Paul and I were more financially stable…. surprise babies are harder to raise from home. So after my one year of maternity leave was up.. I was going to go back to work… and then we got pregnant again (did I mention we are pregnant again and expecting at the end of April?? well…. we are) so I couldn’t go back to my job because I am a kind soul and I didn’t want my boss to strangle me.. so I currently work at a daycare so that Levynn can come with me. I went to university… for agriculture… and now I work at a daycare.
I am NOT saying I don’t think the people who work in daycares are not smart people with good education… I am saying those people likely have education in something other than plants and their growth cycles and how to fertilizer and spray them…. I am saying that those people are not me. I use to want to run a daycare… or so I thought… but after days like today… days like today make me want to give my own baby back and crawl into a hole. For those of us who complain about the cost of childcare while we go out to work and spend thousands of dollars on couches and dining room sets we probably didn’t need… or a new 57″ TV… seriously?? Don’t complain… the people who work in that daycare or dayhome and babysit or whatever.. so that you can go to work… usually get paid like garbage and they do sixty times more work in one day than half of you will ever dream of doing (calm down… not all of you… just half).. And after days like today… I want to hug my coworkers and tell them they are amazing. Because when a four-year old is having a meltdown at the kitchen table because his pancakes touched his sausage and his melon is too close to his pancakes and he wants a second plate because “THIS JUST ISN”T FAIR” while his three-year old brother has peed all over the entire bathroom and himself (clothes included) because he was hungry and decided to ‘hold it’ until it was too later… and the one year old at the table has just knocked over and entire glass of milk soaking herself and half the table with it… and nobody even gets worked up… they just calmly talk to everyone in a very serene voice and things get dealt with… meanwhile I want to pull all my hair out and curl up in the corner and rock… and rock… and rock… I realize that although I do like to be with the kids and do have really great days… the bad days… the bad days make me understand that I was cut out for either staying home and raising my own children only… or else going to work and leaning up against a truck box/air seeder cart/tractor tire/etc… and swigging on a beer while we talk about the latest chemicals or weeds to someone who doesn’t need me to repeat everything I said five times before he listens (unless he forgot his hearing aid that day)…. not working at a daycare… so here’s to three and half more weeks of work… and then stay at home mommy time (for a while anyway)!!!


2 responses

  1. Jessie

    LLOOOOVVVEEEE YYOOOUUU!! You are a strong woman, that sounds like the day from hell. I hope it doesn’t creep you out that I check your blog, like, every third day, hoping to catch something new!
    As for the creating a new page thing, how did you go about the “About Me” stuff?? That would be my guess…Otherwise, since you have Categories, it’s easy enough for us readers to just use the drop down menu, and then it sorts it out for us!
    This whole library school thing has turned me into a techie far beyond what I ever thought was capable for me! I know I’m still miles behind most of the world, but I’m now the one who my family calls for computer questions, weird eh!
    Love, Jessie (Librarian in Training, and Former Luddite)
    PS, Google found this for me, maybe it will help!

    March 17, 2010 at 4:39 PM

    • Katie Mae

      It doesn’t creep me out!! I love it!! I hope I make you laugh out loud occasionally…
      And the about me page won’t let me add posts to it… but I will read your topic later on and hopefully it will help!! Thanks for finding it for me… this is why I am so thankful for librarians… and now I have a best friend turning into one! Bonus for me!!!
      Hope to talk to you soon!!!
      Love, Katie

      March 19, 2010 at 2:36 PM

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