Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere

Quick & Nothing Really

I have never really been a gardener… actually, I have never tried to be one… if you want to know the truth.  But this house we moved into last year has a very big and beautiful flower/shrub/etc garden beside the house and one along the front of the house.  I feel like if you are handed something like that it is mostly just rude to let it go to waste.  But I don’t know anything about gardening… and I have ‘crop brain’ from growing up a farmer’s daughter and taking agriculture at University.  Sometimes this ‘crop brain’ gets in my way when trying to successfully garden.  Case in point… last year… once we began harvesting our crops… I stopped watering the flower gardens… I assumed that they should follow the same course of life as the crops and it was now time for them to die for the winter and then we would resume with their beauty again come spring.  Every time I went out the door I was blown away with how UGLY the garden looked half dead… but I didn’t complain because I knew that’s just how things go when the fall comes… they die and everything looks like shit.  That was until I went to my MIL’s house… and her garden still looked like a beautiful summer oasis.  What was wrong??? Why was her garden still alive and thriving??? And she was watering it?????? It was September… didn’t the lady know that plants were suppose to die now??  She informed me that she waters until the weather gets cold so that her garden can continue looking its best for as long as possible.  WHAT? Why didn’t I get the memo?? People were going to see my garden and think I was neglecting it.  *Sigh* oh well.

And then this spring… spring time makes me really anxious to clean things up… especially outside.  All the garbage that the dog has taken and buried in the snow over the winter is uncovered.  All of the cat shit that was hiding under the trucks on the driveway because the cats were apparently too lazy to go more than five feet from the garage and shit on cold days, is now uncovered and starting to reek to high heaven.  It makes me want to spend all my days outside cleaning things up so that once the grass turns green and things begin to grow… our yard looks wonderful.  So the last few days (before the good old southwestern saskatchewan wind blew in) Levynn and I have been outside ‘gardening’… that means I have been cutting out and loading up dead shit… and she has been scooping up shovel-full after shovel-full of my pea-gravel mulch and throwing them in the wheelbarrow… thanks kiddo!!!  I say that like I don’t appreciate it when I really do… she’s cute…

Speaking of cute… Lev bug has started calling me Mama… up until now it was Mommy… and I am not sure where the sudden switch came from.  I asked Paul why he thought she would have switched like that and he said “when you get that big… everyone starts calling you mama”!!  Wow… such a sweet and supportive husband.  I would have probably reacted with physical violence but I was too busy licking the dill pickle dip off of my fingers to be very violent… I guess when he’s right, he’s right!


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