Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere

Goat Dogs

We have a goat… her name is Frannie… and she is a pygmy goat….
We received this goat in the winter because Paul’s dad sold a milk cow to a man who paid him some cash and threw a goat in along with the deal.  He tried to give the goat to Paul’s nephew… Paul’s brother decided he had nowhere for the goat to live (I guess he thought his barn wasn’t appropriate) and so it got sent to our house… Paul built it a doghouse (turned goathouse) in with the horses and that is where it lived for the winter…

When it first came to live here… she would follow Paul everywhere… and I would laugh as I watched Paul walk across the yard with Gertie (our border collie) and Frannie close behind.  Now she is best friends with the horses.

The other day one of our bulls broke out of the corral in search of some lucky lady cows whose needs he was searching to satisfy…  As it is definitely not time for the bulls to be joining the cows just yet Paul went off in search of this defiant bull to return him to lock-down… I was looking for an excuse to get out of the house so Levynn, Emmet and I loaded up in the truck and went out to the pasture to watch Paul round up the bull and bring him in.  Anyone who has dealt with cattle knows that when dealing with a bull there is always a chance of a show considering they are awfully stubborn.  So there  we were… watching Paul on Hank chase the bull (who obviously wasn’t cooperating)… and Gertie right in the mix trying to help out…. not to mention Frannie.  The bull was extra stubborn and the cattle are out on a half section that has a fence running down the middle of it… So Paul chased these critters around for close to an hour before finally getting the bull into the alley at the feedlot… and all the while Frannie followed just a mere step behind.  I am sure she is convinced she is either a horse or a cattle dog… not too sure. Paul figures it’s not as funny as I think it is… especially since the cows aren’t too fond of the little goat and either take off after her… or take off away from her (especially not so handy when he was trying to tag the calves during calving season)…

NOnetheless… I always wanted some crazy animals on the farm for my kids to grow up with.. and now we have a pygmy goat.. who eats my flowers and rocking chairs when close to the house… The next step I think might be chickens… or perhaps a potbellied pig… who knows.. I do find the idea of collecting eggs in a little basket slightly romantic….


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