Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere

BEst Pals

Week two of football season is upon us… for those of you who don’t know football is my religion… and my lovely Roughrider football team is doing AWESOME… As usual… Life as a football fan is definitely different than it once was…

Sister E and Me

This was me being a rider fan prebabies… Now I don’t even bother to take pictures of me watching games as they would be so boring you would want to stab your eyes out with a pencil!  Truth be told… the hardest part of living in the middle of nowhere (which I do love) and having little people depend on me for everything is how it has affected my football watching ability… In 2007 I went to EVERY single home game.. plus drove… yes drove… all the way to Toronto in a two door honda civic with myself, my 5’11” sister, a 5′ 10″ boy and another 6’3″ boy…. And we didn’t stop to stay in hotels along the way…. Last year I didn’t even get to go to a single game… and had to buy a laptop in Daytona Beach so we could watch the grey cup on the internet because the americans don’t have it on tv…

Okay… so watching rider games with a crying 2.5month old and a 21month old is a tad bit different from the good ol’ days but it’s not THE hardest part of my newfound life…. I also miss having friends… The day before yesterday, two of my besties from university came over for the afternoon and it literally made my day… I don’t think they will ever really know how much it made my day… We sat outside on the deck and had some pops whilst Emmet slept and Levynn swam in her pool… We bull shitted and teased one another and it was just like old times (minus the soberness and the little people kicking around)….

We reminisced about crazy things we had done… texted pictures of our rendezvous to our other bestie so she would be extremely jealous…. and after seeing LEvynn ‘girl dance’ they teased me that she does it exactly like I do… which I reminded them they only saw the one time at my 21st birthday party when we went to Asquith and I had to girl dance to a Britney Spears song to complete all the tasks on my treasure hunt…. ANd when they left I was sad to see them go… because they are rather special to me… and I sometimes long for those days when we were footloose and fancy free… and I often wonder if I am still the same person just in a different situation… or has my new lifestyle completely evolved who I am??  What is the definition of self? I don’t know…. But I do know one thing… good friends are hard to find… and even harder to hang on to once you have them… I hope mine understand that I’m still me… even with two kids and a husband and a significantly lower tolerance for booze than before… and that someday they will likely wear these shoes of mine and  know that they can call me up to brag about their kids… or complain about their husbands… or just call and say nothing.. because they don’t actually want to talk… they just want to hear an adult speak directly to them… because that’s what best friends are for… they stand by through the tough times and the awkward times… and the times they know nothing about…. they just do those things…


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  1. Jessie

    You made me cry a lil!! I miss you all so much!! And I was super jealous getting those pictures…it was nice at the same time though, to know that you guys were thinking of me! Talk to you soon…Jessie

    July 12, 2010 at 3:56 PM

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