Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere

Road Trippin’

I use to LOVE going on road trips… Getting in a vehicle… grabbing some booze (not to get hammered while we drove… but definitely to have some bubblies)… and a good set of tunes… and a friend and just hitting the road was amazing…

In University Jess and I went on a road trip to Drumheller, Ab. from Saskatoon to visit a boy that I had a crush on… we not only drank copious amounts of gin while we were there, made friends with random people, got hit on by hutterlefts (people who were once hutterittes) but we learned the entire words to “I will Survive” and sang them as loud as humanly possible whenever we had a spare moment.

The year that my sister E graduated from high school our family was having a reunion on may long weekend at a campground north of Brooks, Ab. SHe didn’t have a dress yet and so we decided to go and then go to Calgary and go dress shopping from there…. one tiny problem… we thought the campground’s name was “Finnegan Ferry” and proceeded to turn at a sign (a mere two miles before the actual campground) and drive around the countryside for HOURS and HOURS and HOURS.. looking for the campsite… all we found was the Finnegan Ferry (imagine that) and a rig sign (which we stole… if we could be lost… so could other people)… eventually we arrived at the campsite… giggling at our ignorance… WE then decided to make May Long roadtrips our “thing” and went on them together every year after that… until I reproduced.. and they got cut short…

I just came back from a roadtrip with her yesterday… we went and visited some cousins and went shopping… it was a lovely trip… and I found that we talked about everything under the sun locked away together in her FOrd Escape… Other than the crying kids in the backseat who were tired of being in a car (apparently they don’t appreciate road trips yet… don’t worry little people… someday you will)… it was lovely… and fun

Recommend that if you haven’t been seeing eye to eye with someone lately… get in a vehicle and drive three hours with them… you will either emerge friends or enemies… and it will be settled…

Glad we made it out alive sis… 😉

p.s.  I ate saskatoon pie for breakfast…………… I will never be able to run a marathon at this rate


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