Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere


I have a toothache… I was going to write a super long post tonight so that you guys would think my life was interesting… but I have a toothache… and I know that seems like a lame cop-out of an excuse… but I am pretty sure that putting my face through a glass window… or driving over my body with a steam roller… or giving birth would hurt less than this toothache… I’m on day five… and it’s not getting any better… only worse… seriously… I am taking the same amount (and kind) of drugs as I did to numb my pain after my c-section… and I still want to saw my face off… I have NEVER been in so much pain in my life (and I am not exaggerating one bit)…. I know I tend to do that… but this is the truth…. I am going to DIE…..  Did I mention I also have a terrible cold, accompanied by an ear infection… and everyone knows that toothaches make you get an earache (especially if they are molars… which mine is)… so take my ear infection ache… and add my toothache induced earache and you get whammo-think-i-might-pass-out-and-if-not-definitely-puke sort of pain when I don’t take drugs…. Seriously…. death will occur soon… I am sure of it…

Please… somebody… somewhere…. feel sorry for me….


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