Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere

Life is Precious

A friend of mine lost her little boy this week.  We aren’t close friends… but we live in a small town… so we are friends nonetheless… her daughter and my daughter were going to be friends as they are about the same age.  He was six years old.  He was trying to cross the train tracks and his bike got stuck and he saw the approaching train… his mom had already yelled at him a few times that morning and he likely figured that if he got his bike run over by the train he was going to be in really big trouble… so he was trying to pull it out… and he didn’t make it.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  Every time I yell at Levynn or get frustrated with her… every time I want to send her outside to be with her dad… i feel SO guilty… like eat my insides up guilty… because what if this is the last day, the last moment, that I get to spend with her????  What if it’s the last second I get to spend with Emmet??? What if angrily talking to Paul about leaving the dirty dishes on the counter is the last thing I get to say to him ever again???

Life is too precious to get upset about the little things… Tell the people you love how you feel… because you really never know…


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