Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere

Raining and Pouring


OKay, I knew this would happen… I was a terrible journaller in my journalling years of life!!  But I so thoroughly love it.  ANd in my defense… I have been busy starting two businesses and taking care of my two babies and trying to get our farm books done all while dealing with my grouchy husband and inlaws because it WONT STOP FUCKING RAINING>… SERIOUSLY>….. I apologize for the profanity towards the rain… I am not actually cursing the rain… I was raised that cursing the rain is a sincere faux pas… sin… whatever you want to call it… you just don’t curse the rain….

BUT I just did…. the businesses I am starting I will fill you in on later (soon) and I vow to be better at this new post thing!!! Find my one business on facebook called KT Photography.  … the one with the bright orange logo!!!
and the other business is a stay-at-home sales thing called SilverSOul…. fill you in more on that… promise!!!

UNtil then… don’t give up on me…. I really am here and have LOTS to tell you….

Bring on the rain 🙂

p.s. my riders better win tomorrow or I am going to have to throw something at the tv!!!!


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