Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere

Wishbook Dreams

Well today was just another day.

We finished seeding our fall rye… hooray!! And got to be combining the oats!! Double hooray!!! They are running at a super good bushel/acre (100bu/acre) which is AWESOME!!! And the guys are finally starting to smile… a little!

The kids and I did nothing exciting… we played with kitties all afternoon outside in the garden shed… and Levynn makes me laugh with how much she loves them.  She gets right down there and puts her face in theirs and says “you goofy? you goofy?” And thinks they are just the best thing.  She doesn’t even bat an eyelash when they hiss at her or scratch her.

We fed Paul supper in the field for the second night in a row (which Levynn thinks is a real treat… as she eats on a blanket with the wind blowing dirt in her face and in her food).

After we came home and read some stories in bed, Levynn read herself to sleep…. as I peak in on her in her room I have to chuckle… picture if you will a little girl in a Chicago Bears T-shirt, bug & frog pajama pants, a tiara, hugging her “john deere” and slouched over sleeping, with the wishbook in her lap…… on a page full of curtain rods (which this afternoon she asked me “what’s that mama?” me: “curtain rods Levynn.. they hold up the curtains on the window”… Levynn: “Ohhh….. I need that!”

🙂 Kids sure are entertaining!


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