Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere

Dusky Love

I got to meet my little sister’s new boyfriend last night.

I have two sisters… E.. who is two and a half years younger than me… and then Ashley who is six years younger than me.  I love both of my sisters very much and they are undoubtably my best friends…. (which is the sole reason that sometimes when I say I am done having kids I get very sad because Levynn will never have a sister and I can’t imagine life without a sister)….

ANYWAY…. being six years younger than me Ashley will always be my “baby” sister.  Because that’s what she was for so many years.  I still remember laughing so hard that I cried as she hopped across the living room with cotton balls taped to her butt because she was pretending to be a bunny… and with every hop more of the cotton balls fell off…. trust me… hilarity!!  And so I need the guy she marries to be amazing… because she deserves that….

So her boy is nice… he’s pretty quiet but pretty nice… he helped alot… and he didn’t wear his hat in my house (not sure whether Ash warned him or he just doesn’t do it anywhere)…. which is a HUGE deal to me….. you have NO idea… Hats in the house are one of my top five pet peeves… TAKE YOUR EFFING HAT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this rule does not apply to only men…. women don’t have special rights when it comes to wearing hats… take them off… when it’s the national anthem at a rodeo or hockey game or something… stand up, shut up and take your effing hat off… girl or no girl… yes women never had to remove their hats in a previous life… but women also weren’t allowed to vote or go into bars… or wear pants… if you want to keep your hat on during the national anthem you better be in a dress, never drank or smoked and you better not try to voice your opinions…)….. So anyway… her boy is nice… he doesn’t wear his hat in my house… and he attempted to play Cranium with us.  This is also a bold move… not alot of people are willing to try games where you have to act like a complete moron running around the kitchen pretending to be a bouncer… or humming the tune of Fur Elise by Beethoven… but he did… so I like him… so far….

While he was over we went for a walk after supper with my kids… while we waiting for Paul to be done combining and come to the house and play with us.  I took my camera… and I am super glad that I did….. because this is the treat that was waiting for us outside!

Moments like this… skies like this… they take my breath away.  Sunsets actually make me think about love… about real, honest to goodness true love.  Because there is a setting sun every single day… it is ALWAYS there… most times it’s just ordinary and you don’t even notice it… but somedays…somedays it’s amazing and glorious and makes you stop in your tracks and look at it three, four, seventy times… and wonder “wow… how did I never see that before?  It’s beautiful!” And even as you stand there taking it in… it’s changing right before your eyes and you can never hold on to one second for very long (unless you take a picture)…. And the sunset is never the same twice… just like love… no day with your significant other is ever the same… there are days when the sky is so cloudy you are SURE the sunset isn’t there… it can’t be there… you can’t see it… you can’t feel the warmth of it’s glows… but it’s there… sure as ever it’s there…. and you just have to find a way to see those dark, ominous clouds as beautiful too… that’s the trick I think…. to long love… seeing those dark clouds and important and special… because there will come a time when the sky is FULL of those dark clouds and yet somehow the sun finds a way to peak out of the little cracks and spill it’s golden rays on everything… and that takes your breath away the most I think…. the dusk… when the sun is peeking through the dark clouds and you think…. actually… you don’t think…. you just feel… and it’s nice…. really nice.


2 responses

  1. Jessie

    I miss my prairie sunset so much. Out here, it seems like a pretty (and by pretty I still mean nothing close to an Alberta sunset), means that a hurricane is coming. Seriously, the best one I’ve seen so far was the night that Igor raped Newfoundland. Sigh…I miss it, I miss you, damn moving across the country!

    September 28, 2010 at 7:46 AM

  2. Katie Mae

    Well I guess there are two things that you can do to mend your broken heart…
    1. Pray for more hurricanes or,
    2. MOve back to the land of the living skies!

    September 28, 2010 at 8:49 AM

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