Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere


I babysat my two nieces and one nephew yesterday… then they had a sleepover… It was alot of fun!!

This is a pic of three of them singing into the end of jumping ropes…. well, two are singing… Lev is just humming some weird gibberish.  I was almost crying I was smiling so hard… nothing like kids to cheer you up!

I tried to feed them a snack of apples, peanut butter and raisins (if you have never eaten this I highly suggest it be your next meal… SOOOOOOOO yummy… especially if the peanut butter is crunchy). The boy said he didn’t like it before he even tried it.  He even admitted that…. Same with supper.. wouldn’t eat it because he “didn’t like it…. poor kid…. do you think we are born with open-minds or do they grow?? Because his sister would try everything I gave her…  I am curious… if you are willing to try anything when you are a kid will you grow up to be that way??? Or is it something you can teach yourself along the way??  IF not… he is most definitely going to miss out on alot of awesome in his life.

LIfe lesson of the day: I could definitely handle five kids… (not babies… but kids)

Quote of the day: “Come on Levynn let’s go shoot some gophers..” Lev: “I want to shoot the cat” (Oh my… oh my… should I be worried???)

Stay tuned for stories from coyote hill…. coming soon…


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