Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere


Once upon a time on a ranch far far away from everywhere there lived a family.  This family had a dog.  She was a cute little dog.  A border collie crossed with a blue heeler to be exact and her name was Gertie (please don’t ask).  This dog was a quiet dog whom rarely barked during the day much less alone throughout the night for the brief moments she was let out to relieve herself.  But like most dogs, this dog did not always follow the same rules and so for a few nights in a row the dog barked like a mad man outside the windows.  She barked so loud she woke up the family’s two year old.  This greatly angered the mama of the house and so she vowed not to let the dog outside if she was going to bark and wake everyone up.  This new rule only made things worse because then instead of barking the dog would go to the mom and dad’s room and lay on the floor outside the door and whine and whine and whine.  Making the mama, whom already had to get up countless times with her baby, grouchy as a pms’ing crab.

One morning after a particularly barky night, the mama and the daddy were standing in the porch talking before the daddy left for work.  The mama saw a Coyote outside the door a mere 50 yards away.  It was running along the grassy tree row that surrounds the house.  “Look at that!! Maybe that’s why Gertie has been barking up a storm” she loudly proclaimed.  And then there was three coyotes merely fifty yards away.  They ran and rounded the corner of the trees to the north side of the house and then continued to come through the first row of trees, caraganas (although most of you probably already guessed that), stopping at the second row.  There were two of them, one of the was herding something towards the other which was just laying in wait.  Suddenly the mama cat jumped up and attacked the face of the one coyote and then quickly scrambled up the tree.  The mama gasped in shock and awe that she just witnessed two coyotes pack hunt a cat right in front of her house (a mere thirty yards away now) in broad daylight. “Honey! Did you see that?! You have to do something! THe coyote is still at the bottom of the tree just waiting for the cat to come down!”  So out the door went the daddy with the dog in tow to attempt to chase away the rascally varmits.  HE walked over to where the cat was and got within ten yards before the coyote turned and bolted.  He was clearly not afraid.

That night when the couple came home there were coyotes howling on three sides of their yards just as loud as all get out.  It was extremely spooky!

Life Lesson: Coyotes can pack hunt! So watch out for your small children.

Quote of the day: “Honey, please bring the gun to the house.  I may need to shoot one of those things”


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