Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere

Catch You Up!!

So life has been hectic lately….

Sunday was my anniversary!! My very first one!!! Hooray! We survived a farming/ranching year from hell.  And despite all the struggles and moments where I was planning on smothering him in his sleep (right after I found a way to do it to his father) we are still deeply in love!  Mind you, I can only speak for myself here…. perhaps Paul is still plotting my eventual demise.

Monday was my birthday.. HOORAY me for turning twenty-five… Trust me.. I can hardly believe it as well… what’s my secret to looking so good and being so old you wonder??? I will never tell ;).

My grandma is doing good… she is walking (some)  and talking and getting better every day.  Which is definitely nice… because she is much too strong of a woman to have to lay around and be taken care of.

I have been SUPER busy taking pictures!!  Imagine that… all I had to do to become a photographer was say I am one!  So I have a new photography blog!  ANd my website should be launched next week!!!  I will be back soon!

Life lesson: Life’s too short to fold fitted sheets… or piles of laundry your children are going to throw about the living room

Quote of the day: Levynn: (after being handed a semi-clean carrot from the garden) No no no way mama… that carrot’s too dirty for me!


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