Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere

Accidental Families & Prairie Life.. a Beginning

Telling the story of my first pregnancy is so… theraputic. And it makes me laugh and look back at those months with a renewed sense of awe. I appreciate them more when I can make them be a story and pick out the good parts and the memorable parts. But I feel like I am living in the past. Because that was a whole year and some ago (the beginning of the pregnancy was two years ago) and so my life now is on hold on this page… and I was thinking that I want to appreciate it the same way that I appreciate my past…. so I am going to write about it too. Feel free to read it, feel free to leave it.. but who knows… it may be as funny as my pregnancy…
Now I don’t want to ruin the surprise… but I had a daughter.. Levynn Bernard Graesyn… and she was one on October third… and she is… amazing… (I know, I know… every mother thinks that about their children)… but I thought I should tell you that. And I am currently pregnant again… expecting a surprise at the end of April… this one was also accidental… jeez… you would think that I would have learned something the first time around. And now I am married to my baby’s daddy… and we are one big, giant accidental family. So this page of my blog will be about our trials and tribulations of living in the middle of nowhere with one accidental child, a husband, and another pregnant belly. As I struggle to meet the demands of “perfect wife & mother” that are out there in the world.
As I write this… I will Likely laugh, cry… and maybe even scream at my computer… but I will feel better.. because I can pick and choose how i remember the stories of my life… And you can learn from it, laugh at me… or just catch yourself up on my life this way.


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