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Grandma’s Love

I had a tough day today….

It started out good… and relaxing and nice… I took the kids to the city to get groceries and some supplies for my photography business that is booming away…. Then we went to go to the park by my grandparents house.  I called them to see if they wanted to come along and play with us…

*ring ring*

Me: hello grandpa, we are going to come to the park near your house to play, would you like to come join us?

Gramps: Umm.. chuckle chuckle… well we won’t be here.  you see, i just called the ambulance for your grandma… the guys are here now.

Me: What happened?

Gramps: Well I think your grandmother has had a stroke..

WHAT!?!?!?! This poor woman… she has already had a couple of heart attacks this year… So we raced to the hospital and spent forever waiting around to find things out…

She’s okay… she couldn’t move her whole left side initially but she could speak and when we left her she was sort of moving her arm and leg… so that’s a good sign.

I’m emotionally wiped out… my grandma is an amazing, strong, beautiful lady… seeing her like I did today broke my heart… into teeny tiny little pieces… I just want to curl up in a little ball and have a good cry… but that would be silly… and wouldn’t solve anything.. so I won’t…. I’ll just go to bed…

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the coyote story… it’s a crazy one… when I do tell it you will enjoy it…

Good night.

LIfe Lesson of the day: Don’t Forget to say I love you!

Quote of the day: “That’s you boob shirt mom. I have boobs. Little ones. I’m little. I’m not Levynn mom… I’m a gurl” – Levynn

(also by Levynn who is pointing a picture of an oval with the word oval written beside it) “Thas you, grampa, thas you, thas you, thas you, grampa oval” (this is cute because my grandpa’s name is Orville.. she connected the dots all on her own!!


Stitched Up!!

So I am 24 years old (will be 25 in less than a month) and I received my very first set of stitches (if you don’t count the ones they give you after a c-section… which I dont)… And when I say set I definitely mean set… one… two… that’s all….

Please… let me share!

Date: Saturday

Scene: Miss Scarlett  in the kitchen with the mandolin slicer cutting potatoes for supper (around 4:10pm)

Me: Oh boy! (as I cut half of the tip of my ring finger on my right hand off)… seriously… i said “oh boy”…   I stand in the kitchen for a moment staring at the blood pouring out of my finger and try to decide whether a band-aid will stop this or not…. decide against it and grab the closest thing to me… (levynn’s undershirt) and wrap it tight around my finger…

Levynn: you okay mama? you okay? you okay mama?

Me: Yes, honey, mama is fine… let’s phone and see what grandma is doing right now…

So I phone Paul’s mom… no answer… i phone my neighbour… then my next neighbour… WHERE IS EVERYONE?!?!  I would phone Paul but we JUST started combining and it’s been raining for so long he won’t be happy if I have to tear him away from it because I was too silly to use the guard whilest cutting…. hmmm…. I would drive myself but the hospital is an hour away and there is the matter of my two children… whom i could leave one with her daddy… but how will I take care of Emmet while they stitch up my finger???  I guess I have to call Paul.


Paul: hello

me: i think i need stitches…

click…. he’s at the house a few minutes later and it’s obvious he ran….

We decide it’s best for him to take me to the hospital…

***************Stay tuned for that delightful story later on today…. trust me… it’s good…