Barefootin' Mama in the Middle of Nowhere

Good-bye My Friend

Frannie has left this world….
The goat who thought she was a cow dog… and followed Paul everywhere no longer follows anyone.
She attempted a long cattle drive journey despite Paul’s attempts to lock her in the trailer and prevent her…..
She ran away and got lost (despite looking for her)… Goats have terrible sense of direction…. and it was hot… she walked a long way with no water…

Our neighbours found her deceased…. My neighbour (whom has lost two of her three children in the last two years) phoned to tell me that Frannie was gone… and I cried… Not going to lie to you… I am not a big crier over death… (unless people around me are crying)… but I cried… because I envisioned her lost and thirsty and trying to find her way back home… finally laying down in some shade thinking the worst of it was over… only to succumb to her heat exhaustion…. and I cried like I had lost my best friend…. because I have alot of days like that… where I am lost and wandering around thinking the worst of it is over…


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